If I Could Invent A Machine That Lets Me Film My Dreams…
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If I could invent a machine
That lets me film my dreams
You would probably
Never have to work again.
I wouldn’t even bother
To put a patent on the invention
Just broadcast you live
From my mind every night
To anybody who would bother
To pay attention.

And in case you didn’t know
Who you are
You’re the star
When I turn off the lights
Take the stage
And accept your award

Because any given night
You’re the lead
Of a comedy, a tragedy,
A love story or a horror.
And those nights when I can’t breathe
And I’m shaken outta my sleep
With a paralysis that feels like
The witch has been riding me
When I finally regain my composure
I applaud
Because your performance
is never flawed.

The only sad part of it all
Is it’ll never be seen
And I’m just the director
So I’m never on screen.
All I can do I scream
At your scenes
As I focus you and shoot
In hopes you’ll follow my directions
On set
But you never do.

Because its hard to claim to be
A perfectionist
When I’m the one
That’s made mistakes
And I’m spooning with my regrets
Whenever Im up this late.
Which is why I can only remember you
As a script or a play
Because sometimes the audience will
Sympathize with the villain
And even if the hero
lets the damsel die
The love scenes are still thrilling.

If I could invent a machine
That lets me film my dreams
I would build a new house
Selling DVDs of you.
Documentaries of my memories
You are my ancient Rome
My Easter Island
My Machu Picchu
Where it all begins
My Stone Henge
And ancient religion
Of my own confusion
You are the tribal goddess
Of all my ruins.

As I beat a ceremonial drum
Praying for a return
that’ll never come
I just keep the cameras rolling
Hoping to find salvation
In all I’m doing.

Some nights you’re a foreign film
Speaking a language
I don’t understand.
Like the type they only show in France
Or win awards at Sundance.
It’s shows in a theatre of only two
Me and you
And the ticket stubs always read
The same… Last Chance.

If I could invent a machine
That lets me film my dreams
There will probably be knock-offs
Sold at cheap tech stores.
Mine would most likely win
A Nobel Prize
And theirs would be used
To give fame to whores.
They will probably false advertise
That theirs does things
Mine cant do
,but it’ll all be lies
Because all mine does
Is capture you.
Plus their instructions
Are too complex to understand
And this technology in the wrongs hands
Would surely be misused

If I could invent a machine
That lets me film my dreams
I would probably destroy the plans
Burn them in a fire
So they will never be seen
And make sure the damn thing
Never gets made again.

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I need to start writing again
because the written word is dying
and I don’t want to risk
everything I said being misinterpreted

Our language
will soon be hieroglyphs
in un-translated libraries
that will one day be stumbled upon
by curious kids
like the walls of the pyramids
decoded, reworded, falsely worshiped, and relived
turning our oral tradition
into fiction
relearning everything the Greeks and Egyptians did

Something Sphinx
and I think its poetry

Such a powerful alchemy
losing its potency
because the magicians
have mis-spelled
and casted a hollow doctrine so vocally

I don’t want to be a poet anymore
if I ever was one to begin with
because poetry is so much more
than what is indented

It is the WORD
and has such been since the beginning
and poets have done nothing
since except twist it and bend it
I am just here to testify,
not apologize if you’re offended

For I have recognized
that the WORD is not mine,
it belongs to a greater poet than I,
The Most High

For Jehova’s sake
if the first poem was LET THERE BE LIGHT
how does another poet follow
that on the mic?
Self righteously trying to decipher
his own scribbled handwriting
as he reads in the dark

Without these scrolls I’m just a babbling man
a crazed fan
of hearing myself talk

Because the written word is becoming a lost art,
a Noah’s ark
of languages unlearned
metaphors and unicorns,
but with papyrus, clay tablets or stone
I take my instructions as the bushes burn

And I write
to paint my soul on ice
with all the blues
of Langston’s Hues
They taught you how to kill a mockingbird
and I’ma teach you
how to bring him back to life
resurrected in the wombs
of Maya Angelous
so the caged bird that sang
can finally take flight

Before the grapes dry up
and become raisins in the sun
Before somebody walks up
to the Larraine Motel with a gun

maybe I can save just a little bit
of right now
if I open my eyes
close my mouth
and write it all down

because the past must first be binded
so the future remains bound
and the path will unfold
like falling pages
laying pavement
on the ground

From the Sumerian text of the Gilgamesh Epics
To the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

The Apocrypha
The Brahmana
The Torah
The Quran
The Mahabharata
The Iliad
The Odyssey
The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Old and New Testament
The Hebrew,The King James, and the Shakespearian versions

From the Book of the Dead
To the Book of Life
Before I decide to recite another poem
I will write…

New Book Coming Soon…
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Many thanks to all of those who took the time to invest in the first book and read the detailed journey of a mad man looking for reconciliation. There are only a few copies left of the first print of Love and Water and a second print is never promised. I have officially begun living out the second book and I am writing it down as I go so expect the second book sometime in the near future… or late 2010, whichever comes first. Follow me and make sure u are always the fist to know… http://twitter.com/NikRichard

I Have A Dolphin In My Pool….
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This morning I woke up and saw that I had a dolphin in my pool. I dont know who put it there or why they did it, but all I know is that now he wants to get out, and I’m mad that whoever put him there has made it my responsibility to set this dolphin free. It was one of those endangered ones, the kind that you dont see everyday, you know the ones that only exist in those art books, and my first thought was Damn!, I GOTTA GET THIS DOLPHIN TO THE OCEAN!! So I went inside and got him some food, splashed some water on him and told him Ima make sure he gets to the ocean. I started to feel like this dolphin in my pool was a blessing because now it gave meaning to my life, something for me to accomplish. Once I set this dolphin free I would have done something worth writing a book about, filming a movie for, or calling the news over, because I will be the one who saved it. So, I go to class, then go to work, and I forget all about that dolphin during the day, but when I come home I splash a lil water on it and feed it just enough to keep it alive until I can take the time to take him to the ocean. Now all my neighbors have heard this dolphin in my pool and their peeking over my fence to get a glimpse at it. Everyday on my way to work I have to listen to the people looking over my fence asking me what I’m going to do with this dolphin. “Are you gonna free it? When? All the way to the ocean? How much money you gonna get for that?” And as the days go by I start to realize the sacrifice I’m going to have to make if I want this dolphin to swim free because just splashing a lil water on it every other night isn’t doing it any good. Yeah, I have a dolphin in my backyard that the whole neighborhood comes to see, but this is becoming unwanted attention because they all want to know what I’m going to do with it now. Everybody has a suggestion and an opinion, but nobody wants to help. Night after night I’m listening to this dolphin splashing in the pool and I realize if I don’t dedicate my time to freeing him, he is going to die. Now I’m realizing that I might not be able to set this dolphin free. I’m starting to hope that the people on my block will just forget that he’s there, but every now and then he’ll splash a lil water and the neighborhood comes running, critics and all, to get a glimpse. I start to think that maybe I just don’t have the time or energy to get this dolphin to the ocean. Maybe I should just go to school, and go to work and just let him die in the pool. Once he’s dead he can no longer splash around and keep me up at night. But I know every now and then ill invite someone over and they’ll wander in my backyard and ask me questions about that dead dolphin in my pool. What will I tell them? What will they think of me? And eventually he’ll start to stink. And draw flies. And I’m gonna have to move it out of my pool and get it to the ocean to burry it. Then ill realize that in the end, it takes the same amount of time, money, and energy to move a dead dolphin as it does a live one, just now its in vain. If your blessed/cursed with a dolphin swimming in your backyard your gonna have to either free it or burry it….. ,but either way you are going to have to get him outta that pool.

The Award Winning Video – New Orleans For Sale
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Nik Richard Declares Candidacy for State Representative of District 97
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New Orleans, LA, 2/5/09 — Nik Richard, an urban planning senior at the University of New Orleans and life long resident of Gentilly, has decided to actively participate in the political process by announcing his candidacy for State Representative, District 97.

Ever since evacuating for Hurricane Katrina, Richard has been highly motivated to return to his city and partake in the rebuilding process. He has worked tirelessly towards bringing national attention to the issues in New Orleans. In June of 2008, he was awarded an NAACP award for a short film that he created to bring the recovery of New Orleans to a global stage.

Richard has been a Traffic court clerk for 3 years, and has worked closely with the New Orleans City Planning Commission during his internship at City Hall. Richard says, “The experience I’ve gained in the public administration process has inspired me to step up to the challenge of public service.” Richard knows he can bring the full time commitment and desire to The House of Representatives that the residents of District 97 need in order to spark a new era of recovery in the city of New Orleans, as well as the State of Louisiana. “Community based development and the recovery process begins with the people. District 97 has some of the strongest most effective neighborhood organizations in this city; the recovery has started with them and will continue to be successful with their involvement and leadership”, says Richard.

“I believe that I represent a new generation of effectiveness in this state, a generation that is willing to become involved in the issues that we see and read about in the news, a generation that has decided to devote the majority of their lives in making our communities a better place for the generations that will follow.”

Richard is in the process of contacting citizens to familiarize them with his qualifications and his plans for action. The house seat became available with the recent election of J.P. Morrell to the Louisiana Senate. The special election will be held on April 4th, 2009.

Politics As Usual
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They say nothing good ever happens after midnight. Well, its 2:oo in the morning and I’m reading over current qualifying sheets and legal documents as I plan to donate my good name to the tainted game of politics, and make my first run for office… something I have been considering for quite some time. I have heard this question many times before, but even now I have to ask myself…. why politics? Why risk the integrity of your artwork to become a politician? Why not put your degree to good use and get a nice well paying job? Why sacrifice whatever reputation you have built for yourself to open up your views and ideals to public scrutiny?

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Wanna Buy Some Ignorant Art?
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So I haven’t been watching TV much lately, but from what I hear there is some clamoring going on about a recession, or a stock market crash, something fishy gong down on wall street and some black guy running for president… I think. Its like Gizmo said, every time they have a black man or a woman president in a movie it’s always the end of the world… maybe. I sleep most of my mornings away and work late into the nights, so sometimes I’m too self absorbed to be socially aware, but its like I woke up one day and everybody was running to take their money out of the banks, and my grandfather was talking something about nobody is going to have a job anymore, blah blah.. something about pensions, ramble ramble… were moving to London. Now I’m still confuse as to what exactly all the panic is about and I don’t know exactly what kind of ganking this government is planning on, but one thing I do know is that there is always one group of people whose economic value could never decrease no matter how much the dollar plummets, and the threat of a job loss never applied to them…. or us… artist.

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Nik Richard, is a poet and artist in New Orleans, LA as well as an Urban Planer with a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina ravaged his city in 2005 he has made it his mission to make a lasting impact in New Orleans through his urban planning work, poetry, paintings, and occasional politics. His creativity in film has earned him an NAACP Award, AFI Silverdocs Award, and a PBS P.O.V. Award in the 2008 Myspace Film Your Issue contest for his interpretation of disaster tourism in New Orleans' lower 9th ward.